The Amida USA Organization
Amida USA is a church (with non-profit/public charity status) based in Hawai'i. Its mission is to help make available the teachings of Amida-shu Pureland Buddhism through-out the United States and to support the growth and development of individuals/groups in their understanding and practice of Amida-shu Pureland Buddhism. We aim to meet this goal in a number of ways including (though not limited to):
Maintaining a web presence
Providing various resources (distributing the Running Tide periodical of Amida-shu and selected Dharma Talks on CD/MP3)
Organizing teaching tours in and around North America by Dharmavidya and other Senior Order Members
On-going planning via the Amida USA Steering Committee and Amida USA Board of Directors
Spiritual networking via the internet...please visit us at AmidaUSA Facebook Page and “like” us.

Amida USA Board Members:
Shantikara Franco Acquaro (Board President, Treasurer, Secretary and Webmaster)
Michelle Medeiros
Jan Wizinowich

Amida USA Sanghas

Amida Hawai'i

Starting Your Own Amida-shu Sangha
Amida USA encourages all who are interested in Pureland Buddhism to establish a Sangha in their locale. You do not need a large number of members, only the desire to practice with your fellow Buddhists. All you need is a group of your fellow practitioners and a commitment to meeting and practicing on a regular basis. Please contact us for information on how to establish your own Sangha.